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National Radio Museum


It is affiliated to the Radio Taiwan International. The Minxiong branch used to be called "Minxiong Broadcasting Station" in the era of the Japanese occupation. It is not only a living broadcast museum, but is also the first of Chiayi's historical buildings due to its special architectural style. It’s even listed as one of the top hundred historical buildings in Taiwan. It is a commemorative radio station that provides people with an opportunity to get in touch with history. In 1993, it joined the ranks of becoming a local cultural centre with the Department of Cultural and Creative Development to showcase nearly 70 years old broadcast transmitters, large vacuum tubes, radio and so on.
In addition to having a comprehensive look at the historic relics in broadcasting, the public can also come here for a recording experience and visit a radio station to see how it operates. It is an educational and fun cultural relic where you can fully experience and interact with the displays. A heritage museum that totally bring out its educational function.


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