Baolin Temple on Baxian Mountain

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Baolin Temple on Baxian Mountain


Banxian Moutain was originally a desolated mountain forest. It was said that when Guanmiao Master (the first abbot of Baolin Temple) hiked down from the North to the South, he passed by Xiangjiao Mountain in Dashan, Chiayi. It was here that a Buddha presented himself. A believer then gave him the directions and guided the Master to the current site where the temple was built in 1960. After hard works, with the assistance of Dumiao Master and the local villagers, who assisted with enthusiasm either by donating their money or their labor, a magnificent Baolin Temple was finally built in this desolated mountain. This area is surrounded by mountains with beautiful scenery. Currently, Baolin Temple is hosted by Guanmiao Master’s female disciple, called Xingding Master. She was born into a wealthy timber merchant family based in Chiayi City. She donated a lot of her effort and sweat into the expansion of the temple, which made more followers come here to worship.


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