Gourd Village Education Farm

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Gourd Village Education Farm


The Gourd Village Education Farm was built by the gourd artist, owner of Zhang Family Agricultural Garden. It is also a successful agricultural transformation case after joining the WTO. It combines the local humanities and customs and integrates art into daily life. It has been visited by the former President Li and was certified by the Council of Agriculture as a model education farm. There are many gourd art pieces in the premise to display different art techniques of intaglio print, relief print, and hot iron burn. They also provide vivid and professional explanations, and explore the mystery of the gourd world. The park also provides adoption activities. The public can adopt a gourd melon and experience the process of growing, the feeling of harvesting, the joy of a good harvest and then create their own gourd products, so that they can experience the process of growth and the joy of harvest and further create their own “Fortune and Prosperity Gourd Art.”


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