The Hoya Resort Hotel Group insists on the brand image and style of “natural, straightforward, and humanitarian love”. The Hoya Resort Hotel Chiayi honors the company spirit and provides exquisite services with passion, creating a relaxing and comfortable space, presenting to you a hotel full of happiness.

The Hoya Resort Hotel Chiayi is located in Minhsiung Township, Chiayi County. The European beige architecture brings out the elegant quality of the hotel, making it a knight from the middle ages guarding the culture of Minhsiung.

The hotel is close to National Chung Cheng University and is the 7th branch of the Hoya Resort Hotel Group. After carefully planning and reconstruction, the hotel had its grand opening in end of 2014. The 196 rooms are designed with modernistic simplicity and are all comfortable and cozy, making guests who arrive here feel just like home. Other than the beautiful sunsets and dazzling night views, the place is also full of warm hospitality and passionate service. The Hoya Resort Hotel Chiayi is bound to creat a new horizon for Chiayi’s tourism industry.

ADD:No.19, Shengxue 1st St., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 62145, Taiwan (R.O.C.)