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Lishan Scenic Area is located in Heping District of Taichung City, with an area of about 31,300 hectares. The main external roads out are Provincial Highway 8 and Provincial Highway 7A. This area is mountainous. Ascending to the peaks you can gaze far to the distant mountain ranges, and watch the sea of clouds change its form. Among the spectacular cliffs and valleys are the meandering streams and tumbling waterfalls. The splendid scenery, whether it be the spring flowers, the summer fruits, the autumn maples, the winter snows, the panoramic sunrise, or the star-gazing nights, all makes you feel like as if you’re situated in the mountains of Switzerland, where you can deeply feel the wonders of nature. In addition, Guguan is blessed to have a unique hot spring environment, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. The quality of the hot springs is excellent. It is a renowned holiday location nationwide. Here, you can soak up in the hot spring whilst admiring the scenery, and be immersed in the warmth of pure happiness. Lishan also has an abundance of diverse flora and fauna resources. The aurora swallowtail butterfly and byasa polyeuctes termessus can be seen gracefully fluttering about, and Taiwan endemic birds such as Niltava vivida, Formosan Yuhinato and White-eared sibia are harmonizing out their favorite tunes. The plants that most represent this area are the temperate fruit trees and maple trees. On the ground level, it is dominated mainly by giant silver-grass and ferns and various trees and shrubs stand proudly. It’s these floras that form the extraordinary natural beauty of this area. Due to its cool climate, Lishan is famous for producing high-altitude fruits and vegetables such as alpine cabbage, peaches, nashi pears, and honeycrisp apples, where they were brought to fame due to their juiciness and sweetness. Another produce that enjoyed a great reputation is the high-mountain tea and is widely loved by many people. The Atayal aborigines live in this area, and their most prominent cultural features are face tattoo and weaving techniques. You can get in contact with the Atayal culture by visiting the tribes of Sqoyaw, Tabuk and Kayu etc. A visit to Lishan Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall will assist in understanding the Atayal culture and the development history of Zhongbu Cross-Island Highway.


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