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Fushoushan Farm


Fushoushan Farm is located between the peaks of Hehuanshan and Xueshan Mountains. It is situated between 2100 meters to 2,614 meters above sea level and has an expansive view of the surrounding mountain ranges. The Fushoushan Farm covers an area of more than 800 hectares, painted by the ever-changing faces of misty clouds. Overlooking the farm from its highest ground, you see a far stretching panoramic view of its unique idyllic landscape. This is why it is also known as “Taiwan's Little Switzerland". At Fushoushan Farm you can experience four distinct seasonal changes, and see how the cloud transformation paint over the sky from dawn till dusk, producing four contrasting splendid scenery! With the change of seasons, in spring, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, peach blossoms and apple blossoms successively come into bloom, and welcome the arrival of spring to the farm. Immediately after is this summer, where the golden yellow catsear flowers embellish the lush green hillsides, contrasting colours dazzling under the sunlight. Following closely is the arrival of the harvest season, where clusters of peaches, pears, apples, and so on are sweet and ripe, plump and juicy. Whenever the autumn wind blows across, the vast sea of garden cosmos sways and gives a distinct contrast to the distant mountains. The red maple leaves decorate the farm everywhere. This is the most colorful moment at Fushoushan farm. In the early winter, the durable plum blossoms and the snowy hill tops all portray an ambience of northland. Four seasons presents varying demeanors, and the twelve months also displays varying sceneries. A poem was especially written to express the 12 monthly styles of the farm. “January blowing snow fall, February praising cherry blossom, March dancing peach blossoms, April delightful apple and pears, May blossoming flowers in full swing, June picking aromatic tea, July rippling chrysanthemum, August seeking aromatic peach, September tasting sweet pears, October reap the autumn harvest, November enjoying maple, and picking apples, December filled with descending frost.” Night time Fushoushan Farm is bejewelled with stars, and recounts the stories of the ancient Greek myths. Such a rich scenery always attracts the visitors to come back to Fushoushan Farm over and over again. This time, you should not miss this beautiful place again!


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