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Hehuan Mountain


Known as the "Snow Town,” Hehuan Mountain is located at the junction of Hualien County and Nantou County. It is the watershed of Taiwan’s major rivers, that of Dajia River, Zhuoshui River and Liwu River. The Huanhuan Mountain Ranges is connected by seven mountains: the main peak is 3,416 meters high, the East peak is 3,421 meters, the North peak is 3,422 meters, the West peak is 3,144 meters, the Shimen Mountain is 3,236 meters, the Hehuan Jianshan is 3,217 meters, and the Shimen North peak is 3,278 meters (where the first five are even listed in the "Taiwan 100 Mountains”). Within the Taiwan 100 Mountains, this huge mountain that originally required at least three days and three nights to climb to the top, is now able to be driven or hiked up easily due to the construction of the Zhongbu Cross-Island Highway which cuts through the shoulder of the mountain ranges, and the connection to Wushe branch line. The Provincial Highway 14A (from Daguling to Wuling section) is the highway at the highest altitude in Asia. It has two entrances, one at Datunling and one at Wushe. Coming from Dayuling, the scenic views of the Zhongbu cross-island highway can be admired. If coming from Wushe, the road splits in 2 ways, one goes directly to Lushan Mountain, and the other road goes to Dayuling, passing through Qingjing Farm, Meifeng, Cuifeng, Qifeng, Kunyang, and Wuling. Along the way, you will be able to admire the unique alpine landscapes such as Taiwan hemlock, white dead standing trees, fargesia forests and prairie.


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