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Wuling Farm


After many transformational plans, supplemented by the natural and unique landscapes, the farm exhibits an ever-changing atmosphere along with the changes in the seasons. The “Spring Flowers,” the “Summer Fruit," the “Autumn Maple” and the “Winter Snow,” these assortment of natural transformation can be seen, among which the deep red of the autumn maple leaves have especially attracted endless crowd to come and admire the scene. Not long after that comes December, when the plum blossoms will come into full blossom, and the ginkgo leaves will turn from green to gold. Following that is a series of continuous blooming, flowers such as spring plum, cherry, peach, rhododendron, and wisteria will all continue to come into full bloom. On top of that, we also have all-seasonal flowers such as roses, long yellow daylily, sage, scarlet sage, sweet osmanthus, and camellia. We have an abundance of these beautiful flowers, and it is definitely worth taking a visit to marvel at their loveliness.


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