Baiyu Fall


Baiyu Fall, formerly known as Baiyulong, is located near the Goya Hot Spring Hotel and Spa. The waterfall cascades down from a 50 meters high cliff wall, a beautiful scenery with a thin veil of misty vapour lightly covering the scattered water droplets. Hiking up the trail, you will be greeted with nature’s symphony of chirping birds and humming insects. At the end of the trail, you can smell the moisture-filled crispness of the mountains and rivers, just like the fairyland where the elves live. Baiyu Waterfall is quite amicable. Walking towards Leshan from the industrial road near Zhongyitang, you can see a parking lot and hiking trail. Follow the hiking trail up and you will be able to see the beauty of Baiyu Waterfall up close. At the foot of the mountains, dip your hands and feet in the cooling stream and absorb in the charm of Nature. Near the entrance of Baiyu Waterfall there is a lane that leads towards Leshan. From there, you can take a aerial view of the panoramic view of the Jhihben hot springs. Its magnificence is unforgettable.


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