Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area


The Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area is located in the middle reaches of Jhihben River. If you depart from Jhihben Railway Station, you can take the Provincial Highway 9 to connect to the 194 County Highway, drive along Longquan Road, and you will arrive at the recreation area after you cross over a bridge. The Jhihben National Forest Recreation Area is like an ecology classroom. Walking along the tree-lined trails, you can learn about various animals and plants by reading the information plate. With an abundance of bird species, it’s the best place for bird watching within the suburbs of Taitung. The activity ground is suitable for camping. Having a relaxing picnic with few friends is also a great choice to get intimate with nature. Here, the perfect enjoyment is to breathe in the fresh phytoncide-filled natural air, and listen to the musical sounds that only nature brings.


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